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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

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Nursing Home Abuse

While many nursing home residents are well taken care of, nursing home abuse is a serious issue that is difficult to detect and occurs much more often than people like to think. As the number of senior citizens grow, more and more elders are opting to live in nursing homes. And, as unfortunate as it may be, the majority of nursing home abuse is done by the caretakers themselves.


While there are anti-elder abuse laws in place, this issue continues to be prevalent today. Nursing home lawyers and abuse attorneys aim to help these victims with their personal injury claims to assist their healing process and make sure it will never happen again.


Types of Nursing Home Abuse


There are several different types of abuse that occurs within nursing homes, including:


  • Physical Abuse


This type of abuse tends to be the most widespread, and covers any intentional physical trauma to the patient through bodily contact.


  • Emotional Abuse


This can include intimidating the patient by yelling at them or even threatening them, intentionally humiliating them, ignoring or isolating the patient, and any other kind of ridiculing.


  • Sexual Abuse


This covers all types of molestation against the patient. A sexually abused patient might be too ill to give consent, be shown inappropriate material against their wishes, be forced to undress, or be forced to watch their caretakers conduct sex acts.


  • Neglect


When a caretaker neglects a patient, their inattentiveness causes preventable accidents to happen to the patient. A large number of serious senior citizen injuries are the result of falling, which can be often prevented if the patient’s caretaker is attentive enough.


  • Financial Exploitation


Financial abuse is one of the most frequent types of non-physical abuses that take place in nursing homes. This type of abuse takes advantage of a patient’s funds or exploits their spending in any way. For example, an unclear fee tacked onto payments like a late bill fee, cashing a check without consent, or tricking the patient into signing legally binding documents. This can also include fake charities and false investment opportunities.


Every type of abuse is harmful to the patient and should be looked out for. The best defense against any of these is to keep an eye out for the signs of abuse.


Signs of Abuse


Nursing home abuse is difficult to detect, so it is important to know the signs of possible abuse to look out for a loved one. Signs of possible physical abuse against the patient could appear as unexplained injuries or bruises on the patient or broken bones.


If a patient is being neglected, their medication may not be given to them properly. Another sign is that their clothes or bed sheets are soiled and not cleaned, as well as any other type of unsanitary conditions inside their nursing home. Dehydration is another sign of neglect. The signs of sexual abuse include bloody undergarments and clothing and bruises near the chest and genital areas.


The best way to detect abuse is constant vigilance and taking note of any of these signs if they occur. If you suspect that a loved one is being abused in any way, contact a nursing home lawyer to find out about your options regarding a personal injury claim.


How We Can Help


If you notice signs of abuse, contact our nursing home abuse attorneys. The nursing home lawyers at Costa Ivone, LLC help in personal injury claims and will help you understand all of the possible legal options for your individual case. Patients should not suffer as the result of a nursing home’s negligent hiring or inadequate training of their caretakers.


Costa Ivone, LLC nursing home abuse attorneys can help you get compensation for any damages as the result of neglect including:


  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement or disability


This team of personal injury lawyers will dedicate themselves to assisting the victim heal from their trauma and fight to ensure that the abuse will never occur again. These senior patients will need time and care to heal from the pain and suffering they have endured under the supervision of their caretakers.


The elderly are vulnerable members of the community, and while the thought of elderly abuse is disturbing, we need to keep addressing it in order to understand how to better detect and prevent it.  If a loved one has been the victim of abuse or neglect in their nursing home, submit a free case review form so our nursing home lawyers can review your case and speak with you about how to pursue legal action.

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