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How To Talk To A Lawyer About A Birth Injury Case

Confusion, anxiety, and a feeling of helplessness go hand-in-hand with having a child injured at birth. Both children and parents are thrown into an entirely new world of co-existence. In the case of a birth injury, all parties experience the stress of facing the family life with additional questions of finance, lawyers, and potential medical malpractice. How To Approach A Birth Injury Case What is the first step if a child experienced an injury in the birthing process? Obviously, the first step is to make the child comfortable in their new life. This process may include some growing pains for the parents,...

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Illinois Comparative Fault — Why is the Insurance Company Blaming Me for Causing the Accident?

Suddenly another driver slams into your vehicle causing a traffic accident. You expected the insurance company for the other driver to compensate you for your injuries and losses. Now the insurance adjuster is blaming you for causing the car accident. Why? The answer may be found in the Illinois comparative fault law. What is Comparative Fault? Under comparative fault, each person involved in a car accident is assigned a percentage of fault for the cause of the collision. In some car accidents, one driver may have 100 percent fault for causing the crash. For instance, a driver fails to yield the right...

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Can I Collect Compensation for an Injury if I Was Partially at Fault?

A serious auto accident is likely to result in a few different kinds of losses: property damage, medical care, lost wages. Another type of loss, which falls under what insurance companies call “general damages,” is pain and suffering. Legally, pain and suffering mean “physical, mental, and emotional distress” suffered from an accident. Obviously, injuries cause physical pain, but the depression that results from being incapacitated, stress over missing work, or embarrassment at scars are all examples from the “suffering” category.  If the other party is entirely at fault in the accident, you are entitled to be compensated for pain and suffering....

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Five Factors That Affect the Settlement of a Chicago Accident Case

When you are injured in a car accident, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. An insurance adjuster may tell you that you don’t need a Chicago personal injury attorney to settle your claim. While it is true that you can settle an insurance claim without an attorney’s help, that does not mean it is in your best interest. We understand the various factors that impact the settlement of a car accident claim. Our lawyers also understand how to use those factors to seek maximum compensation for your case accident claim. We also understand which factors...

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Have You Been A Victim of Faulty Military Earplugs?

The United States military recently settled a $9.1 million lawsuit against 3M for selling them faulty earplugs for the troops. If you used Combat Arms brand dual-ended earplugs between 2003 and 2015 while you were serving in the military, you may have been affected. Through documents that came out at the trial, it was discovered that 3M employees knew about their defective earplugs as early as 2000, three years before they were sold to the military. Their negligence shouldn’t be tolerated. If you’re a service member suffering from difficulty hearing, continue reading to see if you may be able to receive compensation. How Do...

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Can I Seek Workmen’s Comp for Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel injury has become increasingly common as computers have become more and more widespread in the workplace. The precise, repetitive motions involved in typing, using a mouse, and tabbing through screens in accounting or database software are exactly the sort that can cause carpal tunnel. However, many other types of repetitive motion, such as assembly line work, can also cause this condition. If you suspect that you have carpal tunnel injury caused by your job, here are a few important things you should know. What Is Carpal Tunnel? Carpal tunnel injury (or syndrome) results from pressure on the median nerve that...

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Careless Wide Turn Damage Suits – What to Know

Just 11.5 million of the 268 million registered vehicles in the United States are commercial trucks. When we drive passenger vehicles to work and school, we share the roadways with 18-wheelers and tractor trailers which may weigh between 30,000 to 80,000 pounds and be more than 50 feet long. Large trucks can cause serious damage in numerous types of collisions, including accidents caused by wide right turns. These accidents are almost always caused by the truck driver. Because of the sheer size of a truck, the damage and injuries in any collision involving a commercial vehicle may be far more...

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What is the Most Common Error That Leads to Medical Malpractice Claims?

According to a report by an insurance provider, diagnosis-related events were the most common error that led to medical malpractice claims. Coverys Insurance Services examined 10,618 claims from 2013 to 2017. It found that diagnostic errors were the leading cause of claims followed by surgical/procedural errors, medical management mistakes, and medication-related errors. It is estimated that 10 to 20 percent of the medical diagnoses in the United States each year or inaccurate. If you believe your doctor made a mistake with your diagnosis, contact Costa Ivone Injury Lawyers for a free consultation with a Chicago medical malpractice attorney. What are the Consequences...

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Why Did the Insurance Company Deny My Injury Claim?

Illinois personal injury laws provide a legal remedy for seeking compensation after a personal injury accident. Injury victims may recover compensation for their injuries, damages, and losses by filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Examples of cases that fall under this category of law include: Motor Vehicle accidents, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle crashes, and accidents involving commercial vehicles Premises Liability claims, such as pool accidents, park accidents, slip and fall accidents, etc. Pedestrian accidents and Bicycle Accidents Product Liability claims, including defective products and dangerous products Medical Malpractice cases Animal Attacks and Dog Bites Nursing Home...

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What are Common Child Injury Cases in Chicago?

No one wants to think about a child being injured. We want to believe that people and institutions are diligent in taking precautions to reduce the risk of injury to a child. Sadly, thousands of children are injured and killed each year in preventable accidents. The legal team of Costa Ivone Injury Lawyers hopes that your family never experiences the heartbreak of a child injury. We also want you to know that we are here for you and your child should you need assistance filing an injury claim against the negligent party who caused an injury to your child. Common Causes...

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