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Illinois Personal Injury

Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring Them

While hiring an attorney you have to ensure that they are skilled and experienced to represent your interests in your personal injury case. It isn’t easy to find a good attorney within a fair price range and one who provides honest advice. Most lawyers typically look out to maximize their profit.Sometimes, they even offer you advice that works in their interests rather than yours.  Zeroing-in on a reliable and reputed lawyer that will keep your interests in view is a lot about conducting research and asking the right questions before hiring them. Here are a few questions you should ask...

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Car Accidents – What is Second Impact Syndrome?

You may sustain a variety of injuries from a car accident. However, some injuries may have life-threatening complications. Concussions may not seem very serious because they are the mildest form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and typically heal with time and rest. However, a concussion can have a serious complication that could result in permanent impairments or life-threatening conditions — Second Impact Syndrome. Second Impact Syndrome and Car Crashes Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) occurs when you receive a second head injury before the first brain injury heals completely.  For instance, your child suffers a concussion playing football and is then involved in...

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Motorcycle Accident Fatalities Higher for Senior Riders

Motorcycle Accident Fatalities Higher for Senior Riders No one is stating that seniors should not ride motorcycles. A motorcyclist could be killed or suffer severe injuries in a motorcycle accident at any age. However, there could be a correlation between the age of the rider and the risk of traumatic injuries and fatalities in a motorcycle accident.As the number of seniors continues to increase in America, the number of motorcyclists over the age of 60 will also likely increase in the coming years. However, at least one report indicates that motorcyclists over the age of 60 have a higher fatality rate...

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Should I Settle My Chicago Personal Injury Claim Through Mediation or Arbitration?

Should I Settle My Chicago Personal Injury Claim Through Mediation or Arbitration? When a negligent or reckless party causes an injury, that party can be held liable for damages under Illinois personal injury laws. In most cases, the process of recovering compensation for damages sustained in an accident begins by filing a personal injury claim.  The insurance company for the responsible party assigns an adjuster who investigates your claim. The adjuster may offer an amount to settle your claim or deny liability for the claim.If the insurance provider for the responsible party denies liability, you may need to file a personal...

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Tips for Avoiding Large Truck Accidents During Chicago Winters

Fatalities in accidents involving large trucks increased by 5.4 percent from 2015 to 2016. In over three-fourths of the cases, the fatalities were people in other vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists. Passenger vehicles are not designed to withstand the force of a collision with a commercial truck as well as the truck can withstand the force of the collision.Driving near a large truck can be dangerous throughout the year. However, Chicago’s winter weather conditions can make sharing the road with large trucks more dangerous at times. Below are some tips that can help you avoid a large truck accident this winter....

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Slip and Fall

Do I Need to See A Doctor After a Slip and Fall Accident? It is always a wise idea to see your doctor for a complete physical after any fall or accidental injury. Some injuries may not be immediately known after a fall. In some cases, you may have delayed symptoms that you might not necessarily associate with a fall unless you consult with your physician.  Therefore, it is usually best to see a doctor after a slip and fall accident to protect your health. In addition, seeing a doctor can also help protect your right to recover full compensation from...

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Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks are large and heavy machines. When they’re involved in an accident, the consequences are usually serious, and can even be fatal. These cases are often very complicated because there are multiple parties or vehicles involved. An experienced lawyer can help untangle the mess and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. It is important to choose a legal expert in this particular field so look for lawyers who have handled truck accidents before. What To Do Immediately After The Accident? This can be a confusing and distressing time for everyone involved. Many people who are involved in such an accident don’t...

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Animal and Dog Bite Cases – You Have Options

Animals, no matter how well-trained they are, can be unpredictable. Pets usually don’t injure their owners or people they’re familiar with, but some things can trigger aggression in them. This can often lead to animal or dog bite injuries. Many people believe that they have no alternative but to let this go because you can’t hold this behavior against the pet. However, there are options available to you and a personal injury lawyer can help in such circumstances. Why Should You Call a Lawyer? Around 1.2 million animal or dog bite cases go unreported in the US every year. That’s a substantial...

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Do Parking Lot Accidents Increase in Chicago on Black Friday?

Even though parking lot accidents may take place throughout the year, there appears to be an increase in the number of insurance claims for parking lot accidents during the holiday shopping season beginning with Black Friday. According to the NSC, there are more than 50,000 garage structure and parking lot accidents in the United States each year. Parking Lot Accidents Are More Dangerous Than The Average Person May Think You might assume that parking lot accidents are low-speed accidents that cannot cause much damage other than a simple fender-bender. However, this assumption is incorrect. Parking lot accidents cause much more damage than...

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Nursing Home Abuse

Elderly patients with limited physical and/or mental ability are just as vulnerable as children. It is easy for unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of them or treat them with disrespect. According to recent research, every 1 in 10 elderly patients in nursing homes are abused in some shape or form. This is an alarming statistic and paints a grim picture of how at-risk this population is. The issue is common enough that some lawyers specialize in it. Here’s a look at how nursing home abuse lawyers can help. What is Nursing Home Abuse? Nursing home abuse is any sort of physical, mental,...

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