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Aaron N. Zaluzec

accident attorneys

Aaron Zaluzec is the managing attorney at Costa Ivone, LLC and focuses his practice on the firm’s litigation matters, primarily in relation to personal injury, product liability and insurance subrogation. Mr. Zaluzec brings extensive experience handling both simple and complex litigation having represented clients in multiple jurisdictions throughout the United States—most recent of which being in Illinois and Texas.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Zaluzec has worked alongside some of the nation’s top attorneys as well as industry-leading experts, gaining invaluable experience handling all aspects of litigation from scene and evidence preservation through discovery and trial.

Utilizing detail oriented approach to every case, Mr. Zaluzec emphasizes the importance of early action, evidence and scene preservation and thorough investigation to ensure the best possible outcome for the firm’s clients. Mr. Zaluzec’s boots on the ground approach coupled with a background in computer science has been vital in securing over 100 million dollars in settlements for clients over his career.

Mr. Zaluzec has a dedicated history of giving back to the community both at home and abroad. Mr. Zaluzec currently volunteers with the Special Olympics and Better Boys Foundation. Mr. Zaluzec has also actively volunteered at John Marshell’s VITA Tax Clinic and has traveled to Iraq with Chicago based NGO, Heartland Alliance, to initiate new programs to protect victims of gender violence crimes in Iraq and Kurdistan.